Resources for this short course have been developed in two ways:

  1. Units of Learning: These are 4-8 week blocks of 1-hour lessons developed around a theme such as ‘Connecting to My Place’ or ‘Plastic-free Communities’. Please refer to the Unit of Learning (UoL) lesson overview first, followed by individual lesson folders which contain teacher notes, PowerPoints and student handouts.
  2. Activities by Strand: These are short 5-20 minutes activities which connect to each strand that can be adapted for teachers to create their own lessons.

It is not intented that this short course offers a full 3-year bank of resources, rather teachers are encouraged to meet the range of learning outcomes within this short course by developing their own resources, adapt those which we offer here on this website or plan lessons from the many resources available from other existing organisations such as WorldWise Global Schools, National Youth Council, EcoUnesco and so on. You will find a link to other organisations at the end of each strand outline.

Our resources published here are intentionally anti-copyright and shared in a format so they can be edited and adapted to suit your school. Please credit original sources when adapting and if sharing with others.