UoL 4: Overview


In this 6-week unit of learning, students learn why plastic is harmful to the environment and humans. They analyse the root causes of plastic waste and are given the opportunity to choose ways in which they can carry out collective actions in their communities, both outside and within their school, to tackle the problems they have identified.

They learn skills to enable them to work effectively within groups, such a facilitation tools and how to make decisions using consensus. Methodologies used include; walking debates, discussion, active research and group work to analyse and reflect upon relevant information.

This series of lessons are a positive, investigative, action-packed vision for tackling plastic over-consumption and production. This requires action not just at an individual or school level, but in our communities, local and national governments and at an EU level. The unit of learning will empower students to carry out their own actions and support existing campaigns in Ireland.


Each lesson is 1-hour duration. The minimum time to cover the full unit of learning is 6 lessons x 1 hour each. These lessons can be adapted to suit the needs of the school however ideally for lessons 3+4 and 5+6, students would be allocated additional class time to carry our more in-depth group projects.

UoL 4: Lessons

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